Okay, I know you’ve heard this pitch before; “let’s change the world”.

Is my pitch any different? “I have a dream and it starts with a nightmare”.

A pyramid of millions of people, the base of which is wider than the eye can see, stacked as high as any mountain. Men women and children of all ages and all colors pressed against each other, all in a desperate attempt to climb higher, to escape the torrential downfall of waste and excrement from the people above. My guess is that most of you would not find yourself on the top of that pyramid.

No matter where you are on the economic ladder, where you are in our vast cultural disparity or no matter where mankind is to the beginning of its history, the story is always the same. Kings and queens, dictators and presidents, rebels and patriots, communism and democracy, capitalism and socialism, it matters naught because there has always been the very few at the top and the very many at the bottom.

Every time I debate someone on the disparity and unfairness of a capitalist society I always hear the same argument; “it’s better than communism”, “leave if you don’t like it”, or “at least you have a chance to live the American dream”. Look, I don’t like people or corporations that use other people unfairly. Does that mean I want to close down Wal-Mart, or Apple, or the largest banks, or start a revolution? The answer is no! Would I if I could take over Wal-Mart and give it to the employees at the detriment of its owners and shareholders? No!

But, I would like to see is every employee of Wal-Mart raise enough capital to purchase land and build a competitor right next door to every Wal-Mart in the world and put Wal-Mart out of business. Now, I know that’s not going to happen, but it would be nice if there were more companies that were actually owned and operated by employees. I do not believe as the Supreme Court seems to uphold, that corporations have a soul. People have souls, people care about other people. And, in my opinion, people that are held accountable for their actions, as well as profit and loss, are far more likely to provide better service and products than a corporation that only has profit as their highest priority.

Do I want to start a revolution? YOU BET I DO! Watch your back Wall Street. Take cover Wal-Mart. Move over Apple. We’re not coming yet, although we are starting a movement that will show all of you just how Democracy and Free Enterprise, and yes how Capitalism is suppose to work.

I love sports, and what I am about to propose may be just for sports lovers, but could very likely set a precedent that will change the way things are, forever.