Professional Sports League

Business Plan June 2014

Dale Craig
8265 Brittany Pl
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(954) 599-3253

This business plan contains confidential and proprietary information. By no means does this business plan imply an offering of securities.

Executive Summary

I want to start a revolution! A new way for corporations to represent and even emulate people! A new way for people by way of a corporate structure to pave the way for a better tomorrow for all of us!

The long-range goal of the PSL is not the maximization of profits, but the complete satisfaction of our customer. Our shareholders will be a combination of the business team, initial investors, the players and most importantly the fans. Who better to reap the profits than the people that are responsible for creating the product (the players and coaches) and the people who create the need for the product (the fans)?

Within the present collegiate framework, there is no friendly territory for the “athlete”. From the moment he becomes a star in high school, the colleges are pressuring him for consideration. In most cases, he is coerced into attending a major university that is both academically and more importantly, socially unacceptable. It is arguably estimated that 70% of these kids never graduate from college, and the 30% that do graduate, far too many, do not place much value on their education or diploma. They’re plucked out of friendly and familiar surroundings and then dropped alone, amongst a group of kids faced with identical problems and barriers. They are not students, they’re athletes in a town they do not belong in, playing a game for people who don’t appreciate them and don’t care about them, for a promise that they will never receive.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is ripe for takeover. This can be accomplished in 2 distinct ways.

  1. By creating a professional league for college-aged players (not competing with the major professional sports leagues).
  2. By including the players, coaches, and fans in sharing ownership with the business team.

These totally unique concepts in the history of college sports will not only create exceptional financial stability but ensure long-term domination in the industry.